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non-stop pallet feeding system

Universal retro-fit for non-stop print production
Compatible with most press models enabled for non-stop printing and equipped with lifting forks at the paper pile in-feed

maximise up-time, increase productivity and boost your bottom line

The Risetec PRESS PRO features

• a docking station to accept the full pallet via fork lift or pallet truck
• lateral pushers to centre the full pallet on the entry roller conveyor
• the entry roller conveyor can be ordered at greater lengths to accept more full pallets and create ‘buffer time’ for the operator
• rollers that then convey the full pallet into the press platform
• photocell controls for correct positioning before automatic lifting
• intelligent connection with the press for pallet loading and unloading
• a pneumatic mechanism to automatically expel empty pallets via an exit roller conveyor (fitted to the left or right, as required)
• electronic components from SIEMENS
• touch-screen control panel

NB accurate pallet dimensions are essential prior to order

The Risetec PRESS PRO is designed to allow presses already fitted with lifting forks in the feeder and enabled for non-stop operation to print continuously without stopping to change pallets of paper at the feeder. It is particularly beneficial where thicker stocks are frequently used (such as in packaging), longer runs are common and/or for work-and-turn and, in conjunction with a pallet turner, work-and-tumble jobs – especially where the press is equipped with in-line drying. The consequent reductions in downtime, reduction of lead times and maximization of productivity can contribute significantly to profitability and returns on capital investments.

The Risetec PRESS PRO system aligns the full pallet to be delivered into the press feeder in the correct position. The press’s forks are automatically inserted into the dimished existing pile when triggered by a photocell, the platform drops and the previous pallet is ejected before the new pallet is advanced into position. It is then raised automatically to the remainder of the previous pile and micro-aligned before the forks are removed.

When the new pile is reduced to the chageover amount, the photocell triggers the process to be repeated.

product range
The Risetec PRESS PRO can be configured to integrate with most makes and sizes of offset press. It is essential that accurate measurements of the pallets to be used are provided prior to quotation and order. The press must be equipped with stack lifting forks and enabled for non-stop printing.