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integral perfect binding | backlining/end-papering | 3-knife trimming



IML RI 600

The Unique new Binding System for Hard and Soft Digital Book Production, featuring:
• Inline Endpapering • Integrated Backlining/Gauzing Station
• Cover Feeder with Scoring and facility to feed covers with Flaps!
• Separate Milling and Notching units for optimum Spine preparation
• Disc side gluing up to 10mm high • Hotmelt/PUR Spine options
• Delivery system for careful handling
• Integrated waste extraction system option
• Pressing device for Automatic Book measurement
• Manual or Automatic Book Block Feeding from Printing / Gathering / Sewing
• Speed:  250/hour (On Demand) up to 1200/hour  (4-clamp model)
• Book size:  Max 380 x 320mm:  Min 150 x 100mm • Book thickness 3 – 60mm
• Fully Computerised Touch Screen operation • Bar Code Cover to Book verification

Automated 3-Knife Trimmer for Inline or Offline operation, featuring:
Bar Code system
for Runs of One
Fully Computerised Format
Change with NO TOOLS
or Change of Parts
Speed: 600+ / hour

Sample books RGBe


video screen


Risetec manufactures a range of high quality unique binders comprising of 1, 4, 12 and 16 clamps. They can be fitted with a range of options including: inline endpapering, gauzing/ backlining and cover feeders with 4 rotary creasers.


  • Automatic book thickness adjustmentIMG_0417 (2)
  • Milling cutter with dust extraction
  • Spine glue application (2 rollers) with spinner
  • Hotmelt/PUR options with time clock control
  • Disc side gluing up to 10mm high
  • Gauze/lining station
  • Cover feeder with automatic creasing and spine width control
  • Book pressing device
  • Belt delivery
  • Touch screen control panel


Endpapering: (Can be supplied separately)IMG_3550

  • Manual/automatic book block feeding
  • Hotmelt side glue application
  • Automatic endpaper feeding – optional book pressing
  • Automatic book block feeding into transport clamp


Technical Specification:

  • Min format: 150 x 100mm
  • Max Format: Standard 380 x 320mm
    7 clamp model: up to 440 x 320mm

    XL model: 450 x 450mm

  • Max thickness: 60mm
  • Speed 1 clamp: up to 400 c/hr
  • Speed 4 clamp: up to 1200 c/hr
  • Speed 7 clamp: up to 2000 c/hr
  • Speed 12 clamp: up to 4000 c/hr
  • Speed 16 clamp: up to 4000 c/hr
  • inline gathering optional





The most versatile small binder on the market

Please note – only used/reconditioned machines available

This Swiss manufacturer has been building perfect binders for over 50 years initially with the 8 clamp Rondofix. The main parts for gluing, milling, backlining and cover feeding are all interchangeable between models. High quality engineering with the latest electronic systems ensure that the machines will give long reliable service. Hotmelt, PVA and PUR adhesives can be used and are interchangable. Special sized book blocks A3 landscape and larger can be made on a modified 500 model.

Gantenbein Bufalo Binders

500 model with backling/gauzing

500 model with backling/gauzing


  • Hand fed (inline option)
  • Milling notching and sanding
  • Spine/Side Glue (separate tanks)
  • Cover Feeder
  • Backlining / gauzing
  • Chute or Stacker Delivery
  • Inline or Offline to 3KT



  • Speed:

Model 500: 500 / hour, Model Rondofix: 1600 / hour

  • Format range: 70 x 70 x .05mm up to 575 x 330 x 60mm Special large format modification available for A3 landscape
  • Glue options: PVA, PUR* or Hotmelt
  • Product: Flush books, Book Blocks (for casing in), Cheque books, Pads, School books and photo albums


* Nozzle or open pot systems available.

Rondofix with cover feeder

Rondofix with cover feeder

Rondofix showing cross stacker delivery

Rondofix showing cross stacker delivery