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Bespoke Sortation Solutions for effective parcel distribution

Parcels are placed onto the conveyor where they are transported, weighed and scanned automatically.

All data is recorded in the computer to enable the exit conveyor to be selected for the parcel destination (parameters are set by the customer). The sortation systems are specifically designed to meet customer requirements.


  • Speed range: 1200 – 6000 parcels/hour
  • Min format: 100 x 150 x 5 mm
  • Max format: 500 x 1000 x 5300 mm
  • Weight range: 50g – 40kg


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Flexible Packaging

Understanding your needs and demands for highly reliable, low maintenance systems that deliver quality scores and perforation at production speeds. This type of packaging is easy to open, breathable and microwavable.


getinlineFlexible packaging films are ideally suited for laser perforation. Because laser perforating is a no-contact process that vaporizes flexible materials instead of punching through them, holes are cleaner, rounder, and more uniform, free from fragments or other processing artifacts. Instead of tearing the material (as is common in traditional mechanical perforating machines), lasers seal the edges of holes as the beam burns through and can actually strengthen the remaining material.

You can extend processing options by adding multiple laser modules. Create downweb perforations and crossweb vent patterns all at the same time in one station. Or score and perforate flexible materials all in one step, increasing productivity. Vents, breathable or modified atmosphere features, rapid-fill microwaveable packaging, palletised packaging for reduced costs and increased stability, ID and product etching – we can help you make all of these a reality.

Optional sensors or vision cameras detect and trigger processing off of printed features or registration marks, giving you unparalleled precision. This precision is extended by our patented controller that can produce holes as small as 50 µm, depending on material thickness and composition.


Easy-open containers, tear strips, pour spouts, zipper bags, resealable pouches, microwaveable packages, peel away windows—customers increasingly demand these (and other features) in flexible packaging films. LasX specialises in building laser equipment that solves your packaging problems while working with the equipment you already own.

Their laser systems integrate with your existing slitter/rewinder equipment and can accommodate both narrow and wide rolls. Or their designers can create a complete flexible packaging solution that maintains a small footprint. You’ll never worry about accuracy: their patented controller constantly monitors and adjusts the laser’s power to ensure a consistent score depth even at low web speeds (such as those during initial start-up).

By adding multiple laser modules, you can increase productivity. Add crossweb patterns to your downweb scores, all in a single station and production run. Create and finish easy-open pouches with tear strips, vents or perforations, and product identification in one simple step.

Labels and Stickers

We know why you are here. We understand your need for quality and precision at production speeds, your frustration with broken webs, your difficulty with processing adhesives, and your die registration and tooling maintenance needs.

Laser processing changes all that. Expensive tooling charges are eliminated and maintenance costs are markedly reduced by our non-contact, nearly maintenance free LaserSharp® laser cutting systems. Because material is vaporized, there’s no adhesive buildup and fewer surfaces to clean. LasX’s patented controller increases the accuracy of score cuts by constantly monitoring and adjusting laser power in response to the web speed, keeping kiss-cuts consistent and precise. And multiple processes—kiss-cuts, slitting, perforating, matrix removal—can be combined in one station, further increasing your productivity and throughput.



Roll-fed or sheet fed integration
Their systems integrate with either roll handling equipment, sheet loaders, or web conveyors for a fully automated solution. Unlimited repeat lengths are available.
Complete digital workflow
Processing is controlled by our patented controller through the LightGuide® software. Pattern changeover is as simple as opening a file; no downtime or setup is required.
Unlimited cutting path
The cutting beam can be moved in any direction and cuts smoothly contoured lines and rounded corners, unlike traditional knives or saws. Finished parts are free from jagged edges, fragments, or other processing artifacts.
Print registration
Optional sensors or vision cameras detect registration marks or printed features on the material and automatically adjust pattern processing to precisely match these details.
Automatic tiling separates long labels into tiles aligned down the web. Patented controls monitor laser cut lines as the web moves, ensuring precise, contoured lines even in very long labels.

Other options increase your productivity to levels you never thought possible. Add multiple laser modules to expand processing speeds and widths: assign a laser to a label column to process three, four (or more) columns per sheet or roll width. Add barcode readers to read and automatically change pattern processing on-the-fly, without interruption. Place the laser processing system directly inline with your printer to print and cut out labels in one station.

It’s all possible at LasX.

Folding Carton Packaging

lasxLaser processing enhances your product packaging by extending design and material selection options while keeping assembly simple. LasX systems’ multiple laser capabilities allow you to score fold lines as well as slits or intricate patterns into your folding cartons, in one station. Add laser cut easy-open features like perforations, tear strips, or pour spouts to improve access to the contents without incurring the extra costs of additional tooling.

LaserSharp® technology can also be integrated inline with other printing, automation, and finishing processes to make folding carton production more cost-effective and flexible than ever. CLICK HERE to watch the new Cartons in Minutes video to see how you can transform raw material to finished products in minutes, not days or weeks.

Laser Processing Adds Value

Easily add windows to display package contents or add visual appeal to packaging with colour and show-throughs. Entice buyers by allowing scented products to breath while still protecting contents and displaying valuable product information. Increase product longevity or protection with air-tight seals or breathable vents. Incorporate other media—fabric, polyester, vellum, acrylic—into packaging to add impact. Our laser manufacturing for folding cartons makes all these possible.

Laser Processing Speeds Assembly

Folding carton score lines enable crisp, clean folds while maintaining structural integrity. LasX’s patented controller constantly monitors web speed and adjusts the laser power output to match, ensuring a consistent score depth without burn through. Tabs and slits built into the exterior ensure the package holds together. You can even add adhesives for extra security without causing buildup on tooling; because the laser vaporizes material, there’s nothing to clean and no down time. Automatic tiling breaks up very large cartons into sequential tiles, and the controller monitors cut positions to ensure smooth, contoured lines across tiles. Best of all, you can add all of these features (and more) to your packaging in a single production run on one station.

Laser Processing Enhances Material Selection

LaserSharp® systems integrate directly with roll-handling equipment or sheet feeders (either those you already own or full solutions from the ground up) to give you both roll-to-part, sheet-to-sheet, or sheet-to-part flexibility. LasX can easily accommodate wide rolls and have a variety of processing fields of view to handle nearly any sheet size. For larger sheets or thicker materials, consider our Workstation XY with the flexibility of both scanhead-driven and fixed focus beams. Incorporate stackers or pick-and-place robots to fully automate the line from in-feed to sorting and assembly. With LasX, there’s no limits.