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Ideal for digital books & photo album production


Sticker XXL

Sticker XXL

This self adjusting well engineered machine is designed for short run book production. It incorporates joint gluing, single washing up procedure and single phase power.

  • Book size: Min 100 X 100 X 1mm, Max 300 X 350 X 100mm
  • Capacity:100 – 200 books/hr
  • Optional large format XXL model available
  • Book size: Max 450 X 450 X 100mm


Smasher XXL

Smasher XXL

This machine is designed to work in conjunction with the sticker to finish the books immediately after casing in. Incorporates hydraulically controlled heated joint forming bars and pressure plate for high quality finish.

Size range as above (Sticker) Optional large format XXL model available 450mm sq

Super Sticker and Super Smasher

Super Smasher

Super Smasher

This all NEW semi automatic casing-in machine is designed for high volume, on demand binding operations. No special skills are required to operate this self-adjusting machine. Books are placed on the transport wing by the operator. Then the case is placed onto the book automatically. The assembled book is automatically transferred to the book smasher. The Super SmasherTM is a self-adjusting, hydraulic building-in machine. 680Kg of pressure is applied to the books to achieve Library quality.


  • Max Book size: 297 X 355 X 50mm
  • Min Book Size: 101 X 101 X 1mm
  • Speed: 400 – 600/hr
  • Touch screen control panel. Self-adjusting machine requires no make-ready.
  • Adjustable dwell time, pressure and joint temperature
  • Glue stations are easily removed for quick clean up.
  • Conveyor belt for fast, convenient upload- ing of cased in hard cover books.
  • Completely self-adjusting
  • Rear in-line delivery
  • Book counter
Super Line floor Layout

Super Line floor Layout