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Accurate and Efficient

Hawkes H20 Swing Beam Press

H20 Swing Beam Press

H20 Swing Beam Press

The machine can also be used for processing Mohawk Panoramic Lay Flat paper, using a special jig supplied to ensure accurate register of folded sheets. The pre glued panoramic sheet requires an impact pressure to bond effectively.

Main Features:

  • Automatic stroke control
  • Control push buttons with built-in device for 5/10 second maximum delay operation to ensure safe operation
  • Two push buttons and one potentiometer to set cutting power



  • Cutting Table: 900 X 430mm
  • Arm Width:  370mm
  • Max Cutting Power:  20 t / 196 kN
  • Max Stroke: 90mm


The ODM Die Cutting Machine – Separator

Separator (Die Cutter for short run)

Separator (Die Cutter for short run)

The Separator is a simple, safe machine to die cut windows in finished books The SeparatorTM can produce 200 to 400 die cut covers per hour.

Standard Features:

  • Mail slot ensures operator safety
  • Easy to install die plates
  • Foot pedal to cycle
  • Quick die change over system
  • Minimal make ready
  • Book Size: Min. 200mm sq / Max. 280 x 350mm


Die Cut Example

Die Cut Example