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Bespoke high quality luxury boxes have long been used for high value products such as confectionary, perfumes and spirits, but now they are also increasingly being specified for photobooks (especially wedding albums), exclusive property development prospectuses, artbooks and a wide variety of authentic and individual products. In short runs they are particularly popular for targeted promotional campaigns and test marketing exercises and, as with the adoption of in-house binding before it, shrewd print companies are beginning to recognise luxury boxes as another key service to help win high value commissions in lucrative business sectors. The PERFECT BOX SOLUTIONS range includes equipment for processing both the board and the cover sheet for one-off, on-demand and longer run production. The processes include grooving, corner cutting, edge and corner taping for the board, and cutting/trimming, sheet gluing and box wrapping.

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The newly extended range is sourced from world class manufacturers with many of the models built to Perfect Box Solutions’ own specifications. Included are dedicated CAD Box Design software packages for prototyping, revising and applying box specifications to production sequencing in real time. Also available in the range are 3D printers for the inhouse manufacture of the dies, formes and components required in the production processes. Solutions can be configured to allow boxes to be produced from 80 x 65 x 10 mm (ideal for the jewellery sector) to 450 x 380 x 100 mm in runs-of-one or at speeds up to 1,200 per hour.

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Semi-automatic ‘V’ or ‘U’ groove milling machine
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This machine can make “V” or “U” shaped grooves in the substrate – which is usually greyboard, but other materials can be succesfully processed. The operator feeds the sheet into the grooving machine manually after making adjustments for the required distance and depth of the creases. The machine then transports the board through the grooving station and delivers it to the operator’s side automatically. The cut-off chips are ejected at the rear.

Usual Material: Greyboard
Thickness: 0.5 to 4.0 mm
Capacity: 0.60 m/sec*
Voltage: 380 Volt 3 phase – 50 Hz
Overall dimensions: L= 1700 mm; W= 1300 mm; H= 1400 mm
Weight: Kg. 1000


Pneumatic corner cutting machine

The IML DA910 offers accurate and consistent corner cutting of boards and papers used in the formation of boxes. The machine has 1 head with two opposiing cutting stations where the blades made to the customer’s specification are mounted.

Board thickness: 0 to 4 mm
Capacity: Up to 30 pieces/minute*
Compressed air: 50 NL / cycle (6 bar)
No Power Required
Dimensions: L= 800 mm; W= 800 mm; H= 1000 mm.
Weight: Kg. 300




Semi-automatic box corner tape sealing machine

This machine is used for the application of the pre-glued paper tape to the corners of the box to hold the sides in the correct position during the cover wrapping process. The application is made by a welding device and automatic cutter. All the machine functions are controlled by a PLC whereby the length of the tape and dwell time can be set in advance.

Max. welding dimension: 140 mm
Voltage: 220 Volt single phase
Total power: 1200 Watt
Dimensions: L= 600 mm; H= 800 mm; H= 1700 mm
Weight: Kg. 150



Laser cutter

The DA906 is equipped with a computer to create the drawings, projects, logos etc which are then laser cut with high precision. The operator sets the power according to the type of the material being processed. It is supplied with its own fume extraction system.

Voltage: 220 Volt single phase
Total power: 60 Watt
Overall dimensions: L= 1200 mm; W= 1300 mm; H= 1400 mm
Weight: Kg. 300



Manual hot and cold sheet gluing machine

Manual hot and cold gluing machine for paper and other materials. The standard version processes materials up to 0.3 mm, (option for up to 0.8 mm). Glue heating is operated by radiation through a thermo-regulated resistance for reduced condensation and reduced maintenance.

– Materials storage compartments
– Programmable timer for switching the glue on automatically
– Electronic speed variation inverter
– Version with turning over of the sheet
– Version for thicker substrates (up to 0.8 mm)
– Positioning guides for accurate sheet placement
– Heating glue tank with pneumatic pump and automatic viscosity control
– Inverter version at 220 Volt
– Roller with self-cleaning blades
– Heated glue trap
– Heated paper guide

Materials: Paper, Cloth, PVC and others
Thickness: 0.3 mm (standard)
Gluing: Cold and Hot vinyl and animal-based
Voltage: 380 V 3 phase
Power: Kw cold 0.55 ÷ 2 hot
Overall dimensions: L= 1050 mm; W= 550 mm; H= 1100 mm
Weight: Kg. 200


Electro-pneumatic box wrapping machine

This compact and simple machine is the perfect choice for small and medium sized manufacturers of high quality boxes. The formed box is positioned on the pre-glued cover material and insterted by the operator. The automatic cycle then wraps and presses the cover material accurately, both outside and inside the box, before releasing the finished product, at speeds of up to 600 cycles per hour.

Capacity: up to 10 pieces/minute*
Voltage: 380 Volt – 50 Hz
Compressed air: 20 NL /Minute (7 bar)
Dimensions: L= 1400 mm; W=1400 mm; H= 2200 mm
Weight: Kg. 900



IML 3D Printer

The IML 3D printer is supplied complete with a control PC loaded with specialist software for the design and production of plastic components. This allows the dies and formes required in the production of unique box sizes to be manufactured in-house for the ultimate on-demand turnround sservice. The IML 3D printer also has a remote connectivity option so that files can be downloaded from the manufacturer, sub-contractors or customers for manufacture on site.

Chamber dimensions: 700 x 350 x 200(h) mm
Voltage: 220 Volt single phase
Total power: 1200 Watt
Dimensions: L= 1100 mm; W=750 mm; H= 1850 mm
Weight: Kg. 250




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* The production capacity of every machine depends on the size and nature of the material being processed, the consumables used and the efficiency of the operator. It is PBS’s policy to seek to continually improve its products and it reserves the right to alter the design and/or specifications without notice