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SUPER D automated de-stacking system

Separates pre-glued /sewn book blocks for individual downstream processing

Ideal for reel-fed print engines with integrated post-print paper management systems

automatic and flexible for uninterrupted production

The Risetec SUPER D pre-formed pile de-stacker features:

• fully automated management and conveyance of the piles into the system
• barcode/datamatrix code controls for automated adjustment to book block thickness and format
• manual input option for products with non-varying dimensions
• automatic delivery of the individual book blocks downstream
• conveyors with traction gear gravity rollers for gentle handling
• electronic components from SIEMENS
• touch-screen control panel
• processing speeds of up to 2,000 units/hour – uniform format
• processing speeds of up to 1,000 units/hour – variable formats


Technical Data:
Min book block size (A x B)        150 x 100 mm
Max book block size (A x B)       400 x 320 mm
Min book block Thickness (C)        3 mm
Max book block Thickness (C)     60 mm


Quality range of easy to use Stackers

STG 6000 Stacker with Turning Table

STG 6000

STG 6000

A simple easy to operate versatile stacker offering a variety of applications for book blocks, catalogues and trimmed books in singles or piles etc.

  • Belt infeed
  • Double pre pile
  • Turn table with pusher for delivery
  • Touch screen panel for settings
  • Min book size: 100 x 150mm
  • Max book size: 320 x 420mm
  • Max book thickness: 80mm
  • Max pile height: 180mm

ST 6000 E Stacker for Gathering

ST 6000 E

ST 6000 E

Automatic stacker for handling sections direct from the gathering machine. Offset stacking and compensating options are possible to ensure trouble free delivery of sections in piles.

  • Belt infeed
  • One pre pile
  • Double pusher for delivery
  • Touch screen panel for settings
  • Max book size: 320 x 450mm
  • Min book size: 150 x 100mm
  • Max book thickness: 60mm
  • Max pile height: 120mm


Ristec offer a variety of other Stackers that are not shown on this page, you can view them on their website: They include an Easy Stacker, an Easy Stacker with one prepile and a Stacker for double production