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KRS-II Rotary Board Cutter

KRS Rotary Board cutter

KRS Rotary Board cutter

Available in 1200 mm and 1400 mm widths. Featuring Automatic Hopper Feeder for second cut and central lubrication system. Of solid construction and suitable for cutting material up to 4mm thick:

  • Large hopper for feeding material
  • Pusher bar for automatic second cutting
  • Cam control for pusher bar, 1-2-3
  • Recess in the feeding table allowing easy working of small sizes
  • Transport rollers adjustable to material’s thickness
  • Cutting speed variable from approx. 20 to 60 m/min
  • All necessary safety guards


Machine equipped with: 7 pairs of circular cutting knives
Circular knife shafts: Ø 90 mm
Knife, outside diameter: Ø 170 mm
Transport Rollers: Ø 60 mm
Min. width of strip: 45 mm
Width of material admitted: 1200 mm or 1400 mm
Max. cutting width: 1120 mm


IML Machinery

Semi-automatic ‘V’ or ‘U’ groove milling machine
Layout 1
This machine can make “V” or “U” shaped grooves in the substrate – which is usually greyboard, but other materials can be succesfully processed. The operator feeds the sheet into the grooving machine manually after making adjustments for the required distance and depth of the creases. The machine then transports the board through the grooving station and delivers it to the operator’s side automatically. The cut-off chips are ejected at the rear.

Usual Material: Greyboard
Max board width: 1,200 mm
Thickness: 0.5 to 4.0 mm
Capacity: 0.60 m/sec*
Voltage: 400 Volt  | 32A
Overall dimensions: L= 1700 mm; W= 1300 mm; H= 1400 mm
Weight: Kg. 1000

DC120XL – Maximum board width: 1,400 mm

Tooling options – 
90 degree for boxes can be adjusted for wider grooves up to 110 degrees
120 degrees and U shape options available